同伴 仲間 Character Chapter 4

Chapter 4L  扎潘(第二回)  ザパン  Xapan the Mercenary
加入條件 1. 第2L章沒有加入
2. 第4章,到港鎮歌利亞(港町ゴリアテ Golyat)發生戰鬥,將HP降至10%以下,對話選擇「なんて言い草なんだ」後加入
How to recuit in Chapter 4, you can go to Golyat for a battle against Xapan. Get him to critical HP and he'll offer to join you again.

Chapter 4  奧莉維亞  オリビア  Sibyl Olivya
加入條件 第4章布利剛忒斯城(ブリガンテス城 Brigantys Castle)後加入
加入条件 4章のブリガンテス城クリア後に加入。
How to recuit Olivya joins automatically on all routes at Brigantys Castle.

Chapter 4C  庫蕾茜妲  クレシダ  The Necroprentice Cressida
加入條件 1. 第4章,閱讀華倫報告中的消息「バルマムッサの屍人たち」(The Balmamusa Dead)
2. 在巴爾瑪姆薩鎮(バルマムッサの町 Balmamusa)觸發戰鬥,復活奧莉婭斯(オリアス Oelias)使她逃走
3. 到誇德利加砦(クァドリガ砦 Qadriga Fortress)觸發戰鬥
4. 在港鎮歌利亞(港町ゴリアテ Golyat)存活,對話選擇「きみだけを裁くつもりはない。」(You will not be judged by me)
5. ガルガスタン人(Galgastani)CF值50以上的話加入
加入条件 4章のブリガンテス城クリア後からウォーレンレポートで見れるニュース『バルマムッサの屍人たち』を読むと、バルマムッサの町で戦闘が発生。ゾンビ系しか出てこないのでクレリック必須。ステージに入るとイベント。僧侶オリアスが倒れ、消滅前3カウント状態から開始する。救出に成功しても、結局オリアスは死亡。
How to recuit Read The Balmamusa Dead to unlock a battle in Balmamusa, where you must revive the Cleric Oelias (she teleports out) and then slaughter the undead. Then go to Qadriga Fortress to trigger a battle with the Terror Knight Dievold. Finally, go to Golyat to face Nybeth, along with some old friends and enemies, in a battle where you must rescue Cressida. Save her, and you can tell her You will not be judged by me; if your Galgastani Chaos Frame is high enough, she will join you.

Chapter 4L  奧茲瑪  オズマ  The Dark Knight Ozma
加入條件 1. 第4章海頓山(ヘドン山 Mount Hedon)過關前,閱讀華倫報告中的「暗黒騎士団、内部分裂か?」(A Rift in the Dark Knights)
2. 第4章海頓山(ヘドン山 Mount Hedon)過關後,閱讀華倫報告「オズマの疑念事件」
3. 邦哈姆巴神殿(バンハムーバの神殿 Hagia Banhamuba)過關後,巴尼西亞城(バージニア城 Barnicia Castle)攻略前,前往庫里扎羅鎮(クリザローの町 Krysaro)觸發戰鬥
4. 讓哈波利姆(ハボリム Hobyrim)出戰(據說忠誠度要50以上),對話選擇「そうだ、私はハボリムだ。」(I am Hobyrim);擊退首領,把奧茲瑪(オズマ The Dark Knight Ozma)HP降至10%以下
5. 過關後對話選擇「貴女も僕にとっては父の仇だ」(I owe you for my father)後加入
加入条件 ハボリムが仲間にいること。ウォーレンレポートで『暗黒騎士団、内部分裂か?』を読む。バンハムーバの神殿をクリアし、フィダック城でのイベント後。ハボリムを出撃させ、開始時の選択肢で『2.…そうだ、私はハボリムだ』を選択する。ヴォラック倒して逃走させてから、オズマを瀕死にするとイベント。イベントで『1.貴女も僕にとっては父の仇だ。』を選択すると、オズマ(テンプルコマンド)が仲間になる。
How to recuit Read A Rift in the Dark Knights in the Warren Report at the beginning of Chapter 4, before going to Mount Hedon. After rescuing Mreuva at Hagia Banhamuba, go to Krysaro with Hobyrim at reasonably high loyalty (above 50). Bring him into the battle against Volaq and Ozma, and when she asks have him tell her that he is indeed Hobyrim. Then you must reduce Ozma to less than 10% HP without killing her and defeat Volaq; once you've done both of these things, in whichever order, Ozma will surrender to Hobyrim and hear his story. When she tells you that she owes you for her brother, respond As I owe you for my father to recruit her.

Chapter 4  雪莉  シェリー  The Magus Sherri
加入條件 1. 第4章邦哈姆巴神殿(バンハムーバの神殿 Hagia Banhamuba)的戰鬥中將雪莉(シェリー Sherri)的HP削至10%以下,令她撤退
2. 回到菲達克城(フィダック城 Phidoch Castle)發生劇情
3. 巴尼西亞城(バージニア城 Barnicia Castle)攻略前,到佐德濕原(バルマムッサの町 Balmamusa)觸發隨機戰,在下暴雨的狀況下結束戰鬥(可使用道具或魔法改變天氣,例如蠻族の角笛Horn of the Savage)
4. 前往巴爾瑪姆薩鎮(バルマムッサの町 Balmamusa)(據說奧莉維亞(オリビア Olivya)忠誠度需在60以上)
加入条件 バンハムーバの神殿の戦いで、シェリーを倒さず瀕死にして、逃している;上記の神殿クリア後、フィダック城でのイベントを見る;バーニシア城をまだ攻略していない;オリビアが生存している;最後の戦闘の天気が『豪雨』
How to recuit Don't kill her in the Hagia Banhamuba battle early in Chapter 4; merely reduce her to less than 10% of her HP and she will teleport out. After returning to Phidoch to report but before going to Barnicia, go to Balmamusa with Olivya at decent loyalty (her starting loyalty is fine). If it's thunderstorm, an event should start at the end of which Sherri will join. (If you're having problems getting it to thunderstorm, go to Xeod Moors, use a Horn of the Savage item to make it rain, then win/retreat and head back to Balmamusa immediately.)

Chapter 4N  賽莉耶  セリエ  The Warrior Cerya
加入條件 1. 第3N章博德砦(ボード砦 Boed Fortress)存活
2. 第4章邦哈姆巴神殿(バンハムーバの神殿 Hagia Banhamuba)後,閱讀華倫報告中的消息「クァドリガ砦の海賊」(Pirates of Qadriga Fortress)
3. 到誇德利加要塞(クァドリガ砦 Qadriga Fortress)戰鬥,對話選擇「解放軍に力を貸してくれないか?」(Will you aid us?)
加入条件 第3章のボード砦で、セリエを生存させておくこと。バンハムーバの神殿をクリアし、フィダック城でのイベント後。クリザローの町に行くと、ウォーレンレポート『クァドリガ砦の海賊』を読める。その後、クァドリガ砦に行くと戦闘発生。選択肢で『2.解放軍に力を貸してくれないか?』と答えると戦闘を回避でき、彼を仲間にできる。
How to recuit Chapter 3, a battle against the Dark Knight Oz at Boed Fortress, keep Cerya alive throughout the battle; Chapter 4, after rescuing Archiereus Mreuva, read the Warren Report Talk entry Pirates of Qadriga Fortress tounlock an encounter with Captain Ehlrig. Answer him Will you aid us? to recruit both Cerya and Ehlrig.

Chapter 4N  埃爾里格  エルリグ  Captain Ehlrig
加入條件 同賽莉耶(セリエ Cerya)
加入条件 同セリエ
How to recuit Same as Cerya

Chapter 4  卡秋婭  カチュア  Catiua
加入條件 A1. 第4章在邦哈姆巴神殿(バンハムーバの神殿 Hagia Banhamuba)過關後的對話選擇:我做不到「...それだけはできません」(I cannot do)
A2. 在巴尼西亞城(バージニア城 Barnicia Castle)攻略時存活
A3. 過關後問題一回答:我確實是拋下你了「たしかに置き去りにしたよ。」(I did only what I had to do)
A4. 問題二選擇:我愛姐姐「僕は姉さんを愛している!」(You are my sister, and I love you)

B1. 若在神殿過關後選擇:那也是沒辦法的事「それも仕方ありません」(I shall do what I must)
B2. 在巴尼西亞城(バージニア城 Barnicia Castle)過關後問題一回答:我並沒有拋下你「置き去りにしたわけじゃない。」(I never abandoned you)
B3. 問題二選擇:我不想和姐姐分開「僕は姉さんと離れたくない!」(I took no joy in our parting)

加入条件 バンハムーバの神殿を攻略したときのイベントで、モルーバの問いに『1.…それだけはできません。』『2.それも仕方ありません』どちらを選んだかで、正解が変化する。『2.確かに姉さんを置き去りにしたよ』→『1.ぼくは姉さんを愛している!』を選ぶと、フィダック城でのイベント後カチュアが仲間に復帰する。『1.置き去りにしたわけじゃない』→『2.ぼくは姉さんと離れたくない!』を選ぶと、フィダック城でのイベント後カチュアが仲間に復帰する。
How to recuit Chapter 4, after rescuing Archiereus Mreuva. He asks you Have you the will to wage war upon her? Answer That I cannot do, and Catiua will appear in the Barnicia Grand Staircase battle later in the chapter. Answer I shall do what I must, and she will not appear in the Barnicia battle. Once you reach Barnicia Castle, the next step is not to let her die if she participates in the battle with Tartaros (obviously). If she did not appear, then that's one less thing you have to worry about. After the battle, Denam will have a conversation with Catiua inside an abandoned room in the castle. If she participated in the battle, answer her I did only what I had to do, and You are my sister, and I love you. If she did not appear in the battle, answer I never abandoned you, and I took no joy in our parting. Any other answer will result in Catiua not joining your army, for reasons that will become obvious. Catiua will permanently join you once you return to Phidoch Castle.

Chapter 4  倫德爾  レンドル  Fusilier Lindl
加入條件 1. 第4章,巴尼西亞城(バージニア城 Barnicia Castle)攻略後,閱讀華倫報告中的消息「沈沒船ラムゼン號の引き上げ」(Rhamsen Wreck Raised)
2. 格里姆斯比鎮(グリムスビーの町 Grimsby)存活
加入条件 バーニシア城クリア後、沈没船ラムゼン号の引き上げをクリアすると加入。
How to recuit After the battle at Barnicia Castle in Chapter 4, read Rhamsen Wreck Raised in the Warren Report's Talk section. Then go to Grimsby, where you will have to aid Lindl in a battle against the Dark Knight Martym and his troops. If you can keep Lindl alive, he will join you, and give you several Fusilier's Marks as well.

Chapter 4  剛普  ガンプ  The Beastmaster Ganpp
加入條件 1. 第4章,格里姆斯比鎮(グリムスビーの町 Grimsby)攻略後,閱讀華倫報告中的消息「ニムラハバの森の盗賊」(The Bandits of Neimrahava)
2. 在尼姆拉哈巴森林(ニムラハバの森 Neimrahava Wood)觸發戰鬥,貝爾達Jr.(ベルダJr. Berda the Younger)和奧布達Jr.(オブダJr. Obda the Younger)存活,並將剛普(ガンプ Ganpp)HP降至10%以下
加入条件 沈没船ラムゼン号の引き上げクリア後、ニムラハバの森の盗賊で加入。グリフォンを倒さずにガンプを瀕死にする必要がある。
How to recuit After saving Lindl, read the Warren Report Talk entry The Bandits of Neimrahava. This will open up the Neimrahava Wood, where you can battle Ganpp and his new pets, Berda and Obda the Younger. If you avoid killing either of the Gryphons and reduce Ganpp to critical HP, he will surrender and join your army, along with the two gryphons.

Chapter 4  貝爾達Jr.  ベルダJr  Berda the Younger
加入條件 同剛普(ガンプ Ganpp)
加入条件 同ガンプ
How to recuit Same as Ganpp

Chapter 4  奧布達Jr.  オブダJr  Obda the Younger
加入條件 同剛普(ガンプ Ganpp)
加入条件 同ガンプ
How to recuit Same as Ganpp

Chapter 4L  奧克修妮  オクシオーヌ  Ocionne, Wyrmcaller
加入條件 1. 第3L章,在布利剛忒斯城(ブリガンテス城 Brigantys Castle)攻略後,選擇「我也不太知道」(そんなことはありません How could they be?)使喬倫(ジュヌーン Jeunan)加入
2. 第4章邦哈姆巴神殿攻略(バンハムーバの神殿 Hagia Banhamuba)後,回到菲達克城(フィダック城 Phidoch Castle)後,閱讀華倫報告中的消息「エクシター島で謎の大爆発」
3. 到巴爾瑪姆薩鎮(バルマムッサの町 Balmamusa)發生戰鬥
4. 到拉贊堡(ラザン砦 Lhazan Fortress)中將骷髏兵全部打倒
5. 再到拉贊砦(第二戰)中讓喬倫(ジュヌーン Jeunan)出擊,看見喬倫、主角和首領的對話出現「彼は噓はついていない」(Yes, but his remorse is sincere)後,才殺死首領
加入条件 4章のバーニシア城出現後、ウォーレンレポートで『エクシター島で謎の大爆発』を読むと、ワールドマップ北西に死者の宮殿が出現する。この死者の宮殿に行く途中にあるラザン砦でオクシオーヌを仲間にできる。
How to recuit First, you must have recruited Jeunan. Then, read the Mysterious Blast at Exeter item in the Warren Report to unlock the path to the Palace of the Dead. Once you reach Vasque, you'll see Ocionne be taken by the Necromancer Reymos. After winning the battle, follow them to Lhazan Fortress. Here things get tricky, because you must keep Ocionne from dying or being petrified, keep Jeunan and Denam from dying or being petrified, and keep Ocionne from killing Reymos until Denam, Ocionne and Jeunan finish their little convo. (It's over when Denam says Yes, but his remorse is sincere, and you can feel free to kill Reymos then.) Ocionne will join once the battle is over.

Chapter 4  拉德拉姆  ラドラム  The Magus Rudlum
加入條件 第4章死者宮殿(死者の宮殿 Palace of the Dead)B2層存活
加入条件 4章の死者の宮殿B2で救出すると仲間になる
How to recuit You can find him on B2 of the Palace of the Dead, cornered by a number of undead. Keep him alive throughout the battle, and once it's over he'll join you.

Chapter 4  艾塞斯坦  アゼルスタン  The Pirate Azelstan
加入條件 1. 第4章,海頓山(ヘドン山 Mount Hedon)攻略前,閱讀華倫報告中的「無法の町、オミシュ」(Port Omish, Den of Thieves),到港鎮奧米修(港町オミシュ Port Omish)觸發戰鬥並存活
2. 菲達克城(フィダック城 Phidoch Castle)劇情後,巴尼西亞城(バージニア城 Barnicia Castle)攻略前,閱讀華倫報告中的「海賊の墓場」(The Pirate's Graveyard),並前往海盜墓地(海賊の墓場 The Pirate's Graveyard)(無須戰鬥)
3. 閱讀華倫報告中的「伝説の海賊」(The Dread Pirate),前往港口城市奧米修(港町オミシュ Port Omish)觸發劇情
4. 前往誇德利加要塞(クァドリガ砦 Qadriga Fortress)觸發劇情
5. 巴尼西亞城(バージニア城 Barnicia Castle)攻略後,王都海姆(王都ハイム The Royal City of Heim)前,前往港口城市奧米修(港町オミシュ Port Omish)觸發戰鬥並存活
6. 前住海盜墓地(海賊の墓場 The Pirate's Graveyard)結晶迴廊(Crystal Halls)戰鬥並存活
加入条件 4章開始時:無法者の町、オミシュ;バンハムーバの神殿クリア後:伝説の海賊;バーニシア城クリア後:伝説の海賊(続き)
How to recuit Chapter 4, after meeting Prancet at Brigantys Castle. Before going to Mount Hedon, read Port Omish, Den of Thieves and Port Omish will become available. Go there for a somewhat tough battle (the enemies are level 20 if this is your first playthrough, and you're likely to be around level 15 or so at this point), during which you must protect Diego from being killed. Later, after saving Archiereus Mreuva at Hagia Banhamuba but before attacking Barnicia Castle, read The Pirate's Graveyard to unlock the optional dungeon of the same name. Go into the Pirate's Graveyard - you don't have to fight any battles - to unlock The Dread Pirate Talk item in the Warren Report. Visit Port Omish for an event with Diego, then visit Qadriga Fortress. Finally, after the events at Barnicia but before attacking Heim Castle, go to Port Omish to fight another battle to save Azelstan from pirates. At this point, you can go to the Pirate's Graveyard at any point in the remainder of the game or post-game, and fight your way to the Crystal Halls area. Azelstan will join you as a guest in this battle, and if he survives the battle, he will join you permanently.

Chapter 4  迪妮芙  デネブ  The Wicce Deneb
加入條件 1. 第4章,在華倫報告中閱讀消息「魔女迪妮芙のお店」(Deneb's Emporium)
2. 清除巴斯庫村(バスク村 Vasque)的戰鬥及劇情,可參考同伴奧克修妮(オクシオーヌ Ocionne)
3. 在迪妮芙的店中購買各類晶球各5個(須同一時間買入),之後出現對話選擇「何を言ってるんですか」(沒關係的 No)(需要在商店裡賣出9種龍才會有晶球賣,不用在她的店賣,不用同一時間賣),迪妮芙作為臨時成員加入
4. 在巴斯克村巴斯庫村(バスク村 Vasque)觸發戰鬥,迪妮芙加入
P.S. 若想在迪妮芙將以隱藏職業大魔女(うぃっち Wicce)加入,購買晶球前,需要在她的店中賣出30個水晶南瓜(ガラスのかぼちゃ Glass Pumpkins),雖仍會以魔女(ウィッチ Enchantress)臨時加入,但最終會以大魔女加入
How to recuit Chapter 4, read the Talk topic Deneb's Emporium in the Warren Report. To recruit her as a Witch, you must unlock the village of Vasque by beginning the Palace of the Dead sidequest and fighting until you clear the battle there. Then purchase 5 elemental orbs of each kind from her shop; the trouble is that these elemental orbs are only available by auctioning off dragons of each elemental type. Once you've done this, she will talk to you. Answer her No. Let's hear it, and she will join your party as a guest to pursue the rogue Punkin. Go to the village of Vasque and you will have to fight a Wicce named Punkin, accompanied by a bevy of Pumpkinhead Familiars. Defeat Punkin while keeping Deneb alive, and Deneb will place Punkin in charge of her shop and join your army. To recruit her as Wicce, you must sell 30 Glass Pumpkins to Deneb BEFORE buying the last of the elemental orbs to begin her sidequest. When she joins your party as a guest, she will be a Witch, but when she joins permanently she will be a Wicce, the same as Punkin. Glass Pumpkins are rare drops from Familiars in the Palace of the Dead; the easiest way to harvest them is to repeatedly kill two particular Familiars on B1 of the Palace of the Dead. This will probably take anywhere from two hours (if you're incredibly lucky) to ten or so (if you're not).

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